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  • Graduates Ranked Among Highest Paid Professionals in the Middle East Region
    is encouraging professionals across the GCC region to continue the education and acquire a Master's degree in Business to enrich their professional development.

    Announces Advanced Master's Degree Program in Business for Professionals in the GCC Region
    A number of students from various universities, both traditional as well as online, were included in this survey, each considered on the basis of relevant criteria including skills and learning obtained via their respective academic programs.

    Announces $2.3 Million Tuition Fee Rewards for Students and Working Adults
    today announced $2.3 Million tuition fee reward for students and working adults, as an initiative to provide cost effective online education.
    • Dec 1st participates in Global Online Education Conference
    • Oct 24th Seminar on Making Online Student Success
    • Aug 9th Workshop on How Make the Most Out of Online Programs
    • Jul 16th Seminar on online program accreditation
    • May 5th Group Discussion conducted on online graduate program
    • Mar 20th Teaching Method and Assessment Review
    • Feb 10th Seminar on Student Engagement in Online Education
    • Jan 7th invites Industry Leaders to Redefine Business Programs

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's faculty consists of highly qualified, award winning, scholarly and experienced men and women who are leaders in their respective fields. Our faculty members come from across the world, sharing their perspective, wealth of knowledge, experience, qualification and expertise with students and working adults.